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Core Team

One cannot become the force to reckon with in application development industry without having the best team in the country putting in quality effort. Karmanya has succeeded in bringing together some of the greatest logical minds and used their knowledge and expertise to provide Karmanya’s customers with customized, visually appealing, cost effective,  easy to use digital pen solutions.

They work everyday to meet and exceed your wants and needs. In just the past few years Karmanya has burgeoned from 4 people to over 50 - all under one roof in India. Here’s your opportunity to what makes them tick.


Hetal Patel

Software & Web Development
Hetal C. Patel, the Project Manager of Karmanya is a key member of the Karmanya Technical Team. He brings to the organization extensive experience in creating web and client/server application software and development of system components and modules. His expertise and management skills ensure a smooth development cycle as well as a seamless delivery of polished completed projects. His expertise and technical skills ensure a smooth software development life cycle and successful completion of project with decided timeline.

Mr. Patel has a (M.S. IT) Masters Degree in Computer Applications and Information Technology from Gujarat University (India). He started working as a programmer for Karmanya and has contributed significantly to Karmanya's growth.

Mr. Patel has experience in developing Digital pen software using Anoto based Technology and My Script Technology of Vision Objects. He has also experience in developing three-tier application software using C#, .NET Remoting, ADO.NET, Windows and Web Services and XML.

The soft skills of Mr. Patel are reflected through his enthusiasm, attitude, and willingness to shoulder responsibility. With these skills and experience, Mr. Patel successfully manages a development team at Karmanya.
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