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"Karma" - the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, affecting future fate (Oxford Dictionary), the foundation of Karmanya. At Karmanya we believe in actions that have far reaching results. We believe, every "Karma" of ours is the best action we take which brings the maximum benefit to our clients and in turn the end user.


About Karmanya

Karmanya was founded in 2000 to dedicate itself to every professional through the Digital Pen technology. We work with multinationals and fortune 500 companies to deliver customized form based digital solutions, which are in turn used by individual professionals. These we provide using Anoto functionality. We have partnered with Anoto in giving our customers solutions that give them the flexibility of continuing to use the most basic means of communication- a pen and a paper, in digital form.

What is Digital Pen and Paper?

It is a special pen that uses ink and handles just like a normal ball point pen, but it contains, camera, an advanced image processing system and a communication unit like a USB or wireless Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone.

Based on the Anoto functionality, which is natural use of pen and paper, but now connected to digital world, the digital pen writes on ordinary paper printed with a unique pattern that is almost invisible to the naked eye. Advanced image processing and a complex infrastructure allow anything written with the pen on the paper to be transformed to digital media. When you look at a piece of paper enabling Anoto functionality, you're actually looking at a fraction of a map that is equivalent to that of Europe and Asia combined.

The map consists of tiny distinctive squares, small portions of which can be given specific function, such as "send", "store" or "synchronize". Other portions of the map can be given specific embedded applications, such as "notepad", "paper calendar" or "medical journal". Then it remains to keep track of which dots activate which function in which computer.

By registering the pen's movement across the paper, and also the pressure, the writing is interpreted and digitalized. Hence the technology is not based on characters having to be written in a special way, in contrast to various other applications such as hand-held computers. Even drawn sketches can be interpreted and transferred.

Since the pen's movements are stored as a series of map coordinates and the paper defines where on the paper one is writing, it is possible to go back and complete previous notes in a pad. The technology is capable of interpreting this correctly and putting it in the right context when transmitting it to the digital media.

The pattern enables different parts of the paper to be assigned different functions such as predefining various parts of a form.

Karmanya achieves this by utilizing a team of developers who can quickly enable all your paper products to connect to any program you prefer to use off the shelf. A simple example:

A doctor uses a standard patient entry form for his patients while he is at his clinic. He fills in numerous of these forms and then after a long day of work, uses his PC to input all the figures into Quicken, Quick books, Peach tree or other programs for managing his business.

With the POWER of Karmanya, that same form gets digitized! What he needs to do instead is to simply dock his Logitech IO Pen ( and all the data he entered during the day is automatically transcribed and transferred to his program of choice.

Let technology not be a burden and let interpretation and transmission of handwritten text and images be digitalized with Karmanya. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a teacher, a salesman, a manager or an executive, you use forms at some point during your day.

Why then feel burdened with your pen and paper?

Get Digitized with Karmanya and be technologically ahead!!

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