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Digital Pen Digital Pen

Our Pen Partners offer digital pens enabling Anoto functionality for both business and personal use. For business use the digital pens support customized forms solutions and can be connected to client or back-end systems using PC or mobile phones. For personal productivity digital pens support notetaking, organizers and messaging.

Logitech io Pen

With the Logitech® io™ pen, users can easily share, store, organize and retreive their handwritten information by simply writing with ink on paper the way they have for thousands of years. The Logitech® io™ solution offers total mobility, since all that is necessary to carry is the pen and a piece of paper.

Maxell Digital Pen

The Maxell digital pen "Penit " is a high technology interface/device that converts handwritten analog information created using "pen and paper" into digital data, enabling the data to be utilized in various applications.

Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B

Nokia digital pen enables you to create colourful, personalised messages and images and send those to your compatible phone using Bluetooth wireless technology. You can also transfer your notes from the Digital Pen to your compatible PC via connectivity stand for Digital Pen.

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