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Offshore Development  

Offshore outsourcing is currently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. The value enhancers of the outsourcing model stem from the following realities:

  • Concentration on the core business operations
  • Gaining additional momentum in providing complete 
  • services to customers by leveraging the framework provided through outsourcing
  • Building confidence in organizations to venture into new 
  • realms of business
  • Offshore outsourcing also provides the added advantage of 
  • cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non local outsourcing

Karmanya has been playing an effective role in meeting various software outsourcing needs by providing a gamut of services ranging from creative design to independent third party verification and validation services. We were able to diversify our service offerings which started with software development and maintenance and encompassed all other value added services associated with this domain of software services.

Our well defined and tested processes have enabled us to transition into offering a wide range of services by sustaining the same quality, effectiveness and responsiveness that define our service standards. Please view our engagement models, consulting models and service offerings to know more.

The unsurpassed advantages of offshore Web development are enormous saving and quick results. Karmanya assumes all the risks to save you any complications you may otherwise encounter when dealing with offshore Software Development companies or freelance developers directly. We have office based in US, Satellite office based in Europe, Development Center based in India and are on the anvil of opening an office in Australia.

Our Offshore Development Services Consist:

  1. Desktop Based Applications
  2. Web based Applications
  3. ERP systems
  4. Practice Management softwares
  5. Ecommerce Website Development
  6. Offshore Software Development
  7. Web Designing
  8. Web Portal Development
  9. Web Development
  10. Sign up a Programmer
  11. Php Programming India
  12. Offshore Recruitment
  13. Ecommerce Solutions
  14. Custom .net Programming
  15. Mobile / Wireless Application Development
  16. Java Programming
  17. Internet Marketing
  18. Search Engine Optimization, SEO
  19. Yahoo Store Design & Yahoo Store Redesign
  20. Multimedia Solution
  21. IT Consultancy

Why Outsource Your Projects to Karmanya?

  • To complete your project in time and at low cost. By outsourcing projects you can save up to 30 to 40 % in the project cost. You can also have access to proven and standard quality of web and software solution.
  • To concentrate on the core business & get rid off non-core functions By outsourcing the project to offshore outsourcing center, you don't need to spend your resources and can concentrate on the core development of the business.
  • To get benefit of skilled programmers and adequate infrastructure, offer excellent web applications development & software solutions. We have developed applications ranging from E-commerce solutions, business solution, ERP, Web development, system Integration, web designing to offshore web & software application etc.
  • To reduce operating cost & project overheads and free up resources By outsourcing projects you reduce investment for resources and their maintenance cost. There will be significant reduction in operating cost and project overheads.
  • To get best quality services, product and people Our strategic location, expert team members, professional services and reliable communication facilities, results in high level of quality solution for our clients.
  • Quicker deployment and accelerated delivery
  • Capability to expand the business' software development competence at minimal cost significantly. . Opportunity to accelerate the improvement in software process and quality by working with world-class offshore companies
  • Reduction in the risk of time elapse in project delivery
  • To secure future of your organization.
Offshore Development
Our 24/7 offshore development center in India ensures highest quality, reduced cost and timely delivery.


Website Design & Development
Website Design &
We have a perfect blend of creative skills of our Web Designers, technical expertise of our Web Developers and SEO based Content Writers to ofdfer who together create  dynamic as well as static websites. Other allied services such as Media hosting, site maintenance et al are also available.


Application Development
We have over 5 years of Application Development experience based on Anoto functionality. We have expertise in other Custom based and Web based application Development as well.


Anoto Functionality
Anoto Functionality
An advanced technology that allows man to continue using pen and paper to make notes and capture information.


Reduce your cost, enhance the visibility of your product, services and knowledge- base and earn the profit that you aspire for by using the e-commerce solutions that we offer. It is a paradox that in this world of web-commerce, our credibility has increased multifold by trusted words of mouths!
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